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Monday, 30 April 2012

Bath time.

Having our own bathroom is still a novelty. I got overly excited in Poundland about buying a toilet brush and toilet cleaner, and even more thrilling was my purchase of a bath mat from BHS. I seem to have made the mistake of buying a white bath mat however, as three days in and it's already filthy. 

We shared a bath the other night, which was very romantic and everything; I lit loads of candles and we smoked cigarettes in there and drank rum. At this point the bath mat was pristine, until The Boy ashed all over it (luckily no ash got in the bath water), but I have to admit I sighed a little inside at the seeming impossibility of keeping things clean with him around, flailing his Mayfairs all over the place. 

He's also been wearing his wet muddy shoes indoors and as he walks into the bathroom, stomping footmarks all over the floor and adding to the steadily increasing grime on what was once a shining new, soft pile bath mat. Sigh sigh sigh. Oh well. This is all a learning curb in the trials of cohabitation.

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