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Sunday, 29 April 2012

I definitely want a cat.

It would be so adorable. I'm hankering after an Oriental Shorthair kitten for feline cuddles, grey and sleek and gorgeous. They don't come cheap though, alas. 

Not sure what The Boy thinks on this matter; he's totally besotted with our hamster and any threat to the little thing is treated with a huge degree of caution, mistrust and suspicion. But I think, if the kitten grew up around it, it would be okay right? Plus the hamster is in an enormous metal cage-prison with bars and locks and all sorts of cat-proof fortifications...

Obviously it would be up to me to litter train a baby kitten and clean up its inevitable shitting on the carpet. And we'd have to hide it from our landlord as "pets of any kind are NOT permitted", according to our rather angry sounding tenancy agreement. And we'd have to feed it expensive biscuits because the smell of tinned cat food is just utterly, utterly hideous. And we'd have to fork out for surprise vet bills too, no doubt.

But the good things about having a cat far outweigh all the fur balls and carpet soiling, in my opinion. We'd be able to curl up with it on the sofa. It would sleep in the sun, all regal and aloof. It'd just come padding across the floor to say hello when you come home. Plus, cats are hilarious and they make me smile. Meow. 

I'm going to talk with my Boy about this and try to convince him it's a really really good idea.

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