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Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Good grief, it's been a while since I've even logged in to this account, let alone thought about writing anything. 
So, to my incredibly small readership, I am sorry, and I promise to try harder from now on.

Moreover I am sorry to myself as I'd like to get this blog rolling; it's nice to have an audience and that just won't happen if I neglect this page with all six of its entries!

I have been incredibly busy over the last few weeks with end of term deadlines at university. Why they have to pile them all on at once is beyond me, but hey ho. It's been manic, stressful, tiring but strangely enjoyable in a self-tortured kind of way; it's been good to rise to a challenge, and actually feel like I've done my best and that *hopefully* my best will be good enough.

 Just one exam left and then I am DONE! One exam that I have not revised for yet and which I am meant to be revising for now, but I choose this moment to procrastinate and do some writing here instead ^.^

Me and The Boy are settling in well to our new flat, we had a delivery from Ikea a few weeks ago which was fantastically exciting. We now have a HUGE coffee table, some nice shoe storage, a beautiful pair of white floaty curtains and some throws for the sofa, joy of joys. Next project will be to make a little 'garden' area in the courtyard out the front, but I'm waiting for my parents to come and stay first, so they can drive me to a garden centre and I can utilize their car space for transporting plant purposes. I don't much like the idea of trying to cart a load of greenery home with me on the bus, can you imagine? It just wouldn't work.

In other exciting news, I now have a bicycle! Look at her: 

She's a Raleigh Racer 'Panache' and she's got neon pink handle bars and I LOVE her. I'm a bit wobbly and out of practice - you should see my frightened breaking as I go down hills and my terrible, terrible confidence on the roads - but hopefully things will improve as I get back into it. I've never had a racing bike before, I wasn't expecting how fast it would go! It's exhilarating. And so good to have more freedom. The Boy and I have already been on a few little bike rides and found some lovely local parks that we wouldn't have otherwise; what is 5 minutes up the road on this baby is about 30 minutes walk. By the end of the summer my goal is to have the steel thighs of a goddess.

Anyway. Better get back to my revision. Much love.

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  1. this bike is amazing!!!
    a pink bike is my dream!