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Friday, 4 May 2012

Sushi night

Orange Wednesdays are kind of our date night, as we can't afford to go to the cinema on any other day of the week, and if we go see a film then we inevitably decide to go out for drinks and/or food as well... Sooo this week we went to see a late showing of, duh duh duh - The Avengers. Not being a nerd and never having read the comic books it's drawn from, all the little nerdy subtleties were lost on me; I honestly asked The Boy halfway through who "the other guy" was that Dr. Banner kept talking about, which received an incredulous look and bemused explanation of The Hulk, obviously. Right, obviously. Anyway it was a pretty ridiculous film but entertaining enough. The giant mechanical flying fish monsters at the end really sealed the deal for me.

Best bit: huge muscly fight between Thor and The Hulk, full of manly shouting and throwing concrete around.  
Worst bit: when, as Captain America makes to jump out of an aeroplane and fight with Thor and Thor's Professor Snape On Meth younger brother Loki, he says: "They're not gods. There's only one God, and he sure as hell doesn't dress like that", obviously referring to their slightly effeminate gold armor and flowing capes (oh my, how gay, and obviously God is one huge floating heterosexual man in the sky), but eeesh. Bit much. Is Hollywood indoctrinating us into Christianity now? Bad taste guys.

Anyway before the film we went to The Black Lion for cider and cigarettes in the pub garden, and then went to Moshi Moshi for the best fucking sushi I've had in a long, long time. Yay! We spent £30 on rice and raw fish... Fucking hell though, it's so good. The Boy got this tempura fried vanilla ice cream with strawberries and caramel for desert as well, it was amazing. Battered and fried ice cream. I had one mouthful which was quite enough.

So, lovely evening, and so good to get out of the house too. The new flat already becoming old, ha ha. Nah, it's just that we usually just sit on the sofa, and you know. That and washing up does get boring after a while. I want to get a sushi set so we can make it at home.

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