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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Food medicine.

I bought a book the other day called 'The Food Doctor' by Ian Marber and Vicki Edgson and it's absolutely brilliant; I would recommend it to anyone who wants to kick start a new wave of healthy eating/living! It's full of information about what vitamins and minerals are in different foods, and what those vitamins and minerals do for the body, etc. I love it. 

 I don't really have the best track record of good relationships with food, and I've sort of lost touch over the years of what constitutes "healthy". Plus I had absolutely no idea about nutrition - other than fruits and veg are good, wholegrains are good, etc - until I got this book. But did you know for instance that raspberries are full of calcium and they're really good for menstrual cramps? And fennel digests fat well so it's a useful tool in weight control. And papayas are excellent for helping with digestion, soothing intestinal inflammation and gas, and detoxifying the body in general. So yeah, I'm really happy to learn about this stuff. Also - I think I'm iron deficient and bordering on anemia as I have all the symptoms of being so, so I need lots of leafy greens!

Anyway, gonna have a real positive effort to eat healthier now and change some habits. A REAL EFFORT.

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