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Friday, 24 August 2012


Waffles and ice cream; stone lions of the sea; nudes; big sunglasses; pouts; lazer eyes; crowns; caresses; soft skin; bathrobe glam.

I do not take credit for any of these pictures; all were found on Tumblr without source information. If you own any of these images or would like them removed from Petit Feu then please message me.


I've been very naughty and bought a new skirt for autumn (which I don't need) and a new wallet too (which I do need, kind of). Absolutely adore this purse, it's so smooth to hold and is a really good size for all my loose change, wedges of receipts and coffee shop loyalty cards. The skirt may have been a bit of an impulse buy; I loved it when I tried it on with the white shirt in the photo, but now it's at home with the rest of my wardrobe I actually have no idea how to style it. None of my tops look right with it, to be honest it's looking like the only solution will be to buy a white shirt from Primark or something, because seriously, I'm at a loss. 

Anyway, that's all for now! I hope you're happy it's Friday and looking forward to the weekend, I know I am.

Flowery skirt / Urban Outfitters
Studded purse / Zara

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Above are two pieces from my good friend Harry King. I love love love them! Head over to his online portfolio for more stuff like this and lots of screen prints, sketches, beauty and interest. I really want him to print some posters or something as I would totally get some for my walls... Aren't they just gorgeous?

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Top / American Apparel
Skirt / Urban Outfitters

 Wearing one of my favorite tops today! If I'm being honest, it was chokingly expensive for what it is (a minute amount of material that doesn't even cover my midriff) but who cares, it's been worth every penny. My mum said it looked elegant and quite 1920's, which I guess it does in a way, although 'prison inmate' springs to my mind more readily. The skirt I love mainly because it's grey, oh, beautiful grey! And the slit up the back helps me to achieve some kind of sex appeal, as well as making walking a whole lot easier, although it does run up my thighs a lot higher than I thought it was going to... Perhaps it will be safer worn with tights, but it's far too humid (still!) today to even bare thinking about clingy sweaty nylon.

FIRE for your FEET /

Here are some shoes! I've been trying to gather a sort of "wishlist / inspiration" collection to post up here but I keep getting carried away with all the gorgeous shoes out there, so, the six above are a reigned in selection of the footwear I've been desiring over. And I think they cover all the bases; if I owned a shoe collection even slightly matching this one then I'd be sorted for every occasion, and very happy about it too.

I absolutely love the Cat Tapestry Litas, they're perfect. I think the madness of the print is offset by the neutral tones, making them actually very wearable. It's annoying because the more I look at them the more I want them, and there are definitely more realistic things I need to spend my money on! The platform Buffalos are also a huge favourite of mine, I think I just need to save up and buy a pair of those too because I think about them all the time, and my cravings won't go away until I can actually stomp around in them scaring little children etc. Everything about platform shoes is right; the extra height they give is sexy and makes you feel more confident, they make your legs look incredible, they're androgynous, they're serious, they're practical yet beautiful... Yum.

Monday, 20 August 2012


White shirt / Topshop
Black leggings / H&M
Sparkly socks / Urban Outfitters
Black sneaks / Vans

Bit of a boring outfit today. I love these socks though! They're brilliant for next season; I love the unexpected glitz, winking out from your ankles. And I'm so so excited for autumn & winter, I actually cannot wait. So done with summer now you wouldn't believe. Anyway, the emerging A/W stock on the high street is gorgeous too, what I've had a peek at, despite there being a few too many studs. We can chill out on the studs, ok, you don't need studded shoes, trousers, tops, coats and bags, and definitely not all worn together.

Still, nothing feels right today, I think it's my mood, I don't know; I just can't decide on anything. Finding it difficult to commit to anything at the moment as well, in life. There are always so many possibilities of what to do, and I just can't seem to settle on spending time on one thing only; the sad consequence of this is that I usually just get overwhelmed and sit on the sofa feeling blue. Sigh.


It's Monday! The worst day of the week? Or the best? A fickle and tiring day, but one also promising freshness and new starts. Monday is full of difference, so it seems like apt timing to start a weekly Yes vs. No post right about now. Read on for what I have enjoyed the last week and what have I not. Oh god it's exciting stuff...


1. Jeremih's 'Late Nights' Mixtape. Absolutely full on, full power sex appeal. Even better, it's a free download and it's available on DatPiff - click here to get it.

2. Homemade frappuccinos. They're so fucking addictive, I'll put up the recipe in a separate post!

3. Nathan Explosion, Dethklok and everything Metalocalypse. But, especially Nathan. He's one of the sexiest cartoon characters ever, like I'm genuinely turned on by him, which is horrific to admit on one hand but...

4. Street picking, ie. finding really good furniture on the street and getting it for free. We found an amazing three-seater M&S sofa the other night!

5. Blue maize tortilla chips. So much better than Dorito's.

NO / 

1. Humidity. Appalling for clothes, hair, make up, good moods, icy drinks and general well being.

2. Buses! No! Always walk!

3. Those fucking flappy leaflets advertising Oxfam or home insurance that are secretly wedged into magazines and newspapers. What is the point... Nobody ever picks one up and acts on what they see, nobody.

4. Garlic naan bread, and I don't think I need to say why.

5. The Olympic Closing Ceremony, and I don't think I need to say why.

Sunday, 19 August 2012


It's very muggy in Brighton today; warm yet cloudy and just, unbearably close. It's giving me a headache. The sky looks like lumpy porridge and I'm sweating my tits off. So, this weather is an absolute nightmare for my wardrobe and on days like today I inevitably take about thirty minutes or so to get dressed. Nothing feels right, I haven't shaved my legs, it's definitely too humid for long sleeves and jeans but it's not quite hot enough to be floating around in loose, drapy material... So with a dilema-fraught mind I eventually opted for this:

Nude crop top / American Apparel
Grey skirt / Topshop 

However - on second thoughts - these clothes are a bit too clingy for muggy heat. A nude top plus sweat patches is perhaps one of the worst looks you can go for, but hey ho. I love these neutral tones - they get me out of black but don't feel too over the top, and I think there's something incredibly chic about earthy colours. My puckered, unshaved chicken legs poking out the bottom there will just have to do!

Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers with Avocado

Oh my god, these look so damn good. Literally salivating all over my laptop. Look look looooook:

I don't have an exact recipe for the actual burgers, but I guess it's pretty much all in the name - just cook and mash some sweet potato, add some chopped nuts to the mix maybe, and loads of salt and pepper, mould it into patties, dust with flour and fry fry fry. Gonna need to try these.

Global expansion.

I've started writing a weekly piece for Below The Line, an ever-growing global enterprise (based in Brighton) that aims to provide us all with info on up-and-coming musicians, artists, labels, clubnights, etc. They've got a good thing going to be honest and I love being involved in some small way!

Anyway, I have basically been granted permission to chat for a while about music that I'm into, which is fucking great. So far I've done bits on Massacooramaan's debut EP Dead Long Time and Nguzunguzu's recent release Warm Pulse, an interview with the ever lovely and inspiring Holy Strays (who's based in Paris, which in my eyes gives him an instant and alluring sense of romanticism) as well as an introduction to his single Christabell, and most recently, a short article on Cooly G's latest album Playin' Me - all of which you can read by following those links right there.

'Landscapes', above, is one of my favourite tracks from the Cooly G album and I absolutely love the video for it. All those washes of colour and spacial patterns.... omnomnomnomnom.

Avocado and Kiwi Fruit Smoothie! ♡

From 'The Food Doctor' by Ian Marber and Vicki Edgson :) This looks super good and super yum, like a fucking elixiar of instant health just mulshed all into a glass and sucked up through a straw. I have yet to try it but I'm gonna give it a go! 

~ 4 kiwi fruit
~ 1 avocado
~ juice of ½ lime
~ 300ml (½ pint) rice or soya milk
~ 60ml (20floz) coconut milk, plus extra to swirl on top
~ 4 ice cubes

This wake-up drink is packed full of immune-boosting nutrients. Avocados are rich in vitamin E, which protects cells against the harmful effects of toxins and helps vitamin C work more efficiently. Kiwi fruit and lime juice are rich in vitamin C, the top nutrient for immune protection; and coconut milk is rich in lauric acid, believed to have antiviral properties. All in all, a great way to start the day. 

Peel the kiwi fruit and place in a blender. Peel and de-stone the avocado and add to the blender with all the other ingredients. Blend on a high speed until smooth. Pour into glasses and serve with a swirl of added coconut milk if desired.

S U M M E R !

Shit, been fully neglecting this blog for so long. I do want to get this more up and running, really I do...
Summer's underway, Brighton is very busy - etc etc.
It was actually too hot for me to leave the house today without pooling into a sweat melt, so I sat indoors and ate ice cream instead.

Probably the most exciting thing to have happened in my life this last week was buying a blender! Pure brilliant Argos jobby, it was only £20. I've been making so many slushy iced coffee drinks, it's fucking lush and I'm saving So. Much. Money on all those Starbucks Frapps I'm not buying. Recipes and photos up soon etc etc! Ok, ciao dudes.