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Sunday, 19 August 2012


It's very muggy in Brighton today; warm yet cloudy and just, unbearably close. It's giving me a headache. The sky looks like lumpy porridge and I'm sweating my tits off. So, this weather is an absolute nightmare for my wardrobe and on days like today I inevitably take about thirty minutes or so to get dressed. Nothing feels right, I haven't shaved my legs, it's definitely too humid for long sleeves and jeans but it's not quite hot enough to be floating around in loose, drapy material... So with a dilema-fraught mind I eventually opted for this:

Nude crop top / American Apparel
Grey skirt / Topshop 

However - on second thoughts - these clothes are a bit too clingy for muggy heat. A nude top plus sweat patches is perhaps one of the worst looks you can go for, but hey ho. I love these neutral tones - they get me out of black but don't feel too over the top, and I think there's something incredibly chic about earthy colours. My puckered, unshaved chicken legs poking out the bottom there will just have to do!

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