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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

FIRE for your FEET /

Here are some shoes! I've been trying to gather a sort of "wishlist / inspiration" collection to post up here but I keep getting carried away with all the gorgeous shoes out there, so, the six above are a reigned in selection of the footwear I've been desiring over. And I think they cover all the bases; if I owned a shoe collection even slightly matching this one then I'd be sorted for every occasion, and very happy about it too.

I absolutely love the Cat Tapestry Litas, they're perfect. I think the madness of the print is offset by the neutral tones, making them actually very wearable. It's annoying because the more I look at them the more I want them, and there are definitely more realistic things I need to spend my money on! The platform Buffalos are also a huge favourite of mine, I think I just need to save up and buy a pair of those too because I think about them all the time, and my cravings won't go away until I can actually stomp around in them scaring little children etc. Everything about platform shoes is right; the extra height they give is sexy and makes you feel more confident, they make your legs look incredible, they're androgynous, they're serious, they're practical yet beautiful... Yum.


  1. I want them all!



    1. Oh god, tell me about it! *sigh*

      One day we'll have them, one day :) x x x