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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Global expansion.

I've started writing a weekly piece for Below The Line, an ever-growing global enterprise (based in Brighton) that aims to provide us all with info on up-and-coming musicians, artists, labels, clubnights, etc. They've got a good thing going to be honest and I love being involved in some small way!

Anyway, I have basically been granted permission to chat for a while about music that I'm into, which is fucking great. So far I've done bits on Massacooramaan's debut EP Dead Long Time and Nguzunguzu's recent release Warm Pulse, an interview with the ever lovely and inspiring Holy Strays (who's based in Paris, which in my eyes gives him an instant and alluring sense of romanticism) as well as an introduction to his single Christabell, and most recently, a short article on Cooly G's latest album Playin' Me - all of which you can read by following those links right there.

'Landscapes', above, is one of my favourite tracks from the Cooly G album and I absolutely love the video for it. All those washes of colour and spacial patterns.... omnomnomnomnom.

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