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Monday, 20 August 2012


White shirt / Topshop
Black leggings / H&M
Sparkly socks / Urban Outfitters
Black sneaks / Vans

Bit of a boring outfit today. I love these socks though! They're brilliant for next season; I love the unexpected glitz, winking out from your ankles. And I'm so so excited for autumn & winter, I actually cannot wait. So done with summer now you wouldn't believe. Anyway, the emerging A/W stock on the high street is gorgeous too, what I've had a peek at, despite there being a few too many studs. We can chill out on the studs, ok, you don't need studded shoes, trousers, tops, coats and bags, and definitely not all worn together.

Still, nothing feels right today, I think it's my mood, I don't know; I just can't decide on anything. Finding it difficult to commit to anything at the moment as well, in life. There are always so many possibilities of what to do, and I just can't seem to settle on spending time on one thing only; the sad consequence of this is that I usually just get overwhelmed and sit on the sofa feeling blue. Sigh.

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