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Monday, 24 September 2012


Floatila by Ellebelle` on Mixcloud

A collaborative mix by Tiltmode and myself. It's pretty chill! I imagined floating on my back in a pool, looking up at whatever was above me, totally supported and weightless and calm. We're cooking up another collab at the moment with a darker vibe, but until then I hope you enjoy this one - to download it for free click here.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Ocean Salt Facial Scrub / Lush
Caca Rouge Henna Hair Dye / Lush
Lipstick in 'Mexican Wave' / Louise Gray @ Topshop
Flowers by Claude Monet

Treated myself a while back to a little beauty haul. It's so good to have a revamp and a make over for the new season! I'm absolutely in love with this lipstick, it's a gorgeous fiery colour in between orange and red, like powdered red currant and saffron. It's very enticing and lasts literally all day without wearing off... Definitely worth the £10 price tag. I can't wait for my summer tan to completely fade, pale skin and shocking bright lips look so good.
To be honest I think I'm almost back to my natural skin tone, thankfully. However, this in itself is another hillock to climb over because without a slight tan it's so hard to find an affordable foundation pale enough to match my skin; they're usually far too orange or just far too expensive. But! For all you snow lilies out there, I would recommend L'Oreal True Match foundation in 'N1 Ivory'. I discovered it the other day, it was the palest foundation under £20 that I could find in Boots and it's really good quality for £9.99. If I had the money I'd shop at Benefit or MAC always, they seem to cater for every skin tone and their products are divine, but hey ho.

Ok this is probably getting very boring but fuck it, there's more so you'll have to bear with me. Being so pale I'm also prone to looking quite blotchy and tired without make up, maybe because any blemishes whatsoever beam out extra brightly from such a white-washed blank canvas?! My skin is also an awkward oily/dry combination and I get horrible blocked pores all over my nose, urgh. Anyway, this is where the Lush Ocean Salt Facial Scrub comes in, and oh my god, I've never had such a good exfoliater, EVER. It's so good I can't praise it highly enough.
First of all it smells delicious, all infused with citrus and freshness and gorgeousness. It's packed with lime and grapefruit, which are natural antiseptics and great for toning the skin. They're also fantastic at drawing out excess oils and impurities from the skin, due to the acidity levels of the fruit. As the name suggests, the scrubbing is done by heaps of sea salt, which is also antiseptic, and absolutely fucking fantastic at it's job. As well as that, you've got avocado butter, coconut oil and seaweed in there too, which nourish, replenish and moisturise the skin. So you come out feeling scrubbed, buffed, purified, soothed and softened! My skin has never been so good. I sound like I work at Lush for god's sake. I just love knowing what goes into these kinds of products, the brilliance of natural and fresh ingredients is incomparable to anything else. So, thought of the day: go natural! It really works and it makes you feel lovely.

In Lush I also went away with a sample of Henna hair dye. It wasn't enough for my whole head, but I did the bottom 3 inches or so, and it went a beautiful reddish brown, sort of coppery and chestnutty. However, I then got my hair cut, so most of it got chopped off! There's maybe a couple of centimeters left, which I quite like actually.

That's it for now. Oh, apart from those gorgeous flowers by Monet. I found a huge book of his work for £2 in Amnesty International! So that's another thought for today: go to second hand bookshops.

Sunday, 16 September 2012


I've recorded a few mixes recently and I'm getting so into it I can't bear it! Using SoundCloud at the moment for the purposes of sharing, everything can be downloaded so if you like what you hear please show a bitta love :) 
Here's some witchcraft for your Sunday afternoon:

Saturday, 15 September 2012


Autumn always feels like new year to me. It's always so clean and refreshing. To feel cool air on your skin after sweating through the muggy "summer" months. The sunlight becomes less blanketing and yellow, turning crisper, whiter. The falling leaves. The burnt copper colours and fading trees.
Oh my god, I literally love it. It's going back to school, and starting anew, and feeling more like myself than at any other time of year. It breathes in me. I feel more alive. In autumn, I'm more inclined to pursue creative projects and I get waves of ideas that I should really write down so I don't forget. I want to write, I want to make music, I want to do myself justice. I want to style myself differently. I want to re-write myself.

This autumn, I'm feeling all of the above with an intensity I haven't felt for many autumns. I feel older and braver than I have for a while. I'm returning to music I used to love, and by doing so I'm finding a part of myself that I haven't looked after for a long time. Death metal is full of anger and it's full of power. When I listen to it now, I feel the power more than I used to. I still hear the anger as well, and it's an emotion to embrace I think. You can be rightfully and justifiably angry. It's an empowering and strong thing to feel. It can break you free from traps. I think metal allows me to explore feeling angry in a way that I can control. It's a genuine feeling, and I'm learning to recognize it and translate it into positive actions, so when the time comes to be angry in my real life I won't fly off the wall or shrink into it, but stand my ground. I'm equipped with an underlying current that I can hear and feel in this music. That is, anger, but also, and very importantly, power. It's strong and totally of its kind, and you can soak it in; when I do it fills me with euphoria and a vivid sense of self. Like, I am my own fucking person. Feeling angry and powerful and listening to death metal can make you realize that you've been dealing with shit for longer than you thought, and you never even saw it before, you just assumed that's how things were meant to be. It makes you realize that you don't deserve this shit, that you can choose the people in your life, you can make your own life, you can look after yourself. Cut the waste. Don't let anyone cramp your style. Don't put up with off treatment. Cherish your real loves, your real friends, your real instincts, your real interests. BE YOUR FUCKING SELF.

I fucking love it. I love autumn and I love enveloping myself in this clarity of self I get during this season. It's a rarity to feel this way. Most of the year I'm either too hot, too cold, too fat, too thin, too stressed, too bored, too much this, not enough that. But it always comes, this feeling. It's me. It's calm and strong and it glows from within, and I am so happy to be this person. There are things I want to do, and I know that it's within my power to do them. There are friends I want to see more of and also people I want to spend no more time on. Some things come to an end. There are endings, and there are beginnings. Life is cyclical like a wave like the ocean one big ocean, and it's for us to keep on, changing, renewing, growing, learning, nurturing. 

Autumn hair cut. It feels so thick and swishy now! I love it so much.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

YES / NO - 06.09.12

God, I haven't posted anything on here for about two weeks! Things have been very busy here, preparing for the start of 3rd year at University and job hunting mainly. I went to stay with my parents in Devon for a while too, but I shall make a photo post on that because I took so many pictures that week; Devon is utterly beautiful at the end of the summer.

Anyway - read on for a belated Yes vs. No that I was meaning to post up on Monday...


1. The arrival of September and with it, Autumn. This is by far the best time of year!

2. Traktor. It's expensive to buy, but *cough* there are other ways of acquiring the software, and it's a lot of fun to record mixes on and hone any budding DJ skills you may have.

3. Incense. Not a new love of mine by any means, but I've recently discovered a pack called 'Pagan Magic' (yes) and it smells absolutely divine.

4. Aloe Vera gel! Oh my god it's so fucking good for your skin, seriously, everyone, buy some.

5. De-cluttering. This is definitely not just reserved for Spring cleans, but is an absolutely essential ingredient in living well.

NO /

1. Camo gear, urgh, there is far too much of it on the high street right now.

2. Those folks on eBay who think it's acceptable to not pay for the items they won...

3. I saw that #Christmas was trending on Twitter the other day, just, seriously?! It's a good four months away!

4. Broken boilers, the household bringers of pain and ice showers.

5. Real life twats. But you know what? Cut the waste! Don't let anyone make you feel bad.