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Thursday, 6 September 2012

YES / NO - 06.09.12

God, I haven't posted anything on here for about two weeks! Things have been very busy here, preparing for the start of 3rd year at University and job hunting mainly. I went to stay with my parents in Devon for a while too, but I shall make a photo post on that because I took so many pictures that week; Devon is utterly beautiful at the end of the summer.

Anyway - read on for a belated Yes vs. No that I was meaning to post up on Monday...


1. The arrival of September and with it, Autumn. This is by far the best time of year!

2. Traktor. It's expensive to buy, but *cough* there are other ways of acquiring the software, and it's a lot of fun to record mixes on and hone any budding DJ skills you may have.

3. Incense. Not a new love of mine by any means, but I've recently discovered a pack called 'Pagan Magic' (yes) and it smells absolutely divine.

4. Aloe Vera gel! Oh my god it's so fucking good for your skin, seriously, everyone, buy some.

5. De-cluttering. This is definitely not just reserved for Spring cleans, but is an absolutely essential ingredient in living well.

NO /

1. Camo gear, urgh, there is far too much of it on the high street right now.

2. Those folks on eBay who think it's acceptable to not pay for the items they won...

3. I saw that #Christmas was trending on Twitter the other day, just, seriously?! It's a good four months away!

4. Broken boilers, the household bringers of pain and ice showers.

5. Real life twats. But you know what? Cut the waste! Don't let anyone make you feel bad.

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