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Monday, 22 October 2012

Illustrating Scent?

I was thinking about perfumes this morning, as you do. How they're combined, whisked, perfected... individual scents in various quantities, derived from nature, blended together and magically changing, reforming, creating one new scent with multi-levels and multi-colours. It interests me how smell has a character. How, when you wear a perfume, you ideally just want to feel more you. How perfumes smell different on different people, as they react with your skin.


The visual interpretation of scent fascinates me, in an abstract, experimental way. I thought to myself, how would you create an image that communicates something so unseen and obscure as smell? 

The collage above is my first attempt I guess. Really liked Polyvore as a platform upon which to create collages; it's basic, and I feel I'd be better off using Adobe Illustrator or something, but I love the simplicity of it. I usually just use the word processing software on my computer to do this sort of thing, so compared with that, Polyvore is epically advanced!

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