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Sunday, 28 October 2012


Over the last two days I've been finally emerging from one of the worst colds I've ever had (I've been comatose in bed for nearly two weeks), and despite it being absolutely horrible while it lasted, the illness's phase of convalescence has been fucking incred. I have literally been euphoric. Like, from being totally overwhelmed and down about everything, everything is now so doable, I'm so positive about doing everything I want, tackling things, making moves, etc etc. It's kind of mad and I'm gearing myself up for a crash any day now, but at the same time I'm trying to think that a crash isn't necessary, that this is a genuine feeling inside of me and not just temporary euphoria at not being ill any more.

In a state of spontaneity (or madness) catalyzed by my feeling better, I went and got tattooed on Friday by the lovely Adam at Into You Brighton. Does anyone else do this? Just go and get a tattoo or a piercing because at that very moment, that's what you want most in the whole world? I think this is a potentially regrettable urge to get, especially as it's a craving that won't go away until you do it... Anyway, luckily I haven't regretted any of my decisions so far, although not warming up to the idea of say, a tattoo of x on y part of the body, does make the finished article more of a shock at first. I began with bare skin. And now I have permanently designed skin.
Adam did three little finger dots for me on Friday, hand poked - a technique of tattooing I'd never had done before, but it was very painless and enjoyable - and I loooooove them. Subtle, ish?

Anyway. I have a week off uni now, over which I need to write an essay about magic and catch up on some reading. I'm looking forward to getting my head down a bit (especially as I can use my essay assignment as an opportunity to read up on crazy 16th Century witch burnings and dark magic) and just taking some time to apply myself. I'll be staying with my parents in Devon for the week too, and I'm hoping that the fresh countryside air and autumnal colours will give me some inspiration.

Very much looking forward to Halloween as well. Fucking hell, bring it on. I purchased some black matte lipstick and white foundation from Illamasqua recently, amongst some other very exciting and colourful eyeshadows (will do a makeup review post soon!) and I am so ready to wear it all and get all witchy, carve a pumpkin, light tones of candles and incense, put on some Gregorian chant, smoke a load of cigarettes, drink red wine, wear all golds and blacks, eat dark chocolate and just freak out a bit in my own little world.

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