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Monday, 1 October 2012



1. It's October! Happy days.

2. New and festive Christmas products are soon to be stocked in Lush; this means one thing in my eyes, the annual bubblegum excitement of Snow Fairy. Eeeeeeee!

3. Days out to London. I'm finally making the most of Brighton's proximity to this maiden city and have been going on quite a few little excursions recently. Highlights include the fantastic 'Writing Britain' exhibition at The British Library, which has sadly ended now, plus a mind-loving, spirit-enhancing show from the Sun Ra Arkestra with support from Hieroglyphic Being and Mala at the Barbican.

4. Prawns! High in protein, low in fat, fucking delicious.

5. "Fuck off."

NO /

1. Asparagus wee. I'm sorry. But come on.

2. University reading expectations. Probably every student will agree with me on this one; you could do nothing but read, all day every day, and still not be reading enough. Please see Point 5, above.

3. Wardrobe crises such as the perpetually niggling question, what length coat to wear with a long skirt?

4. Drizzle and wind, nightmarish combination.

5. When your central heating and hot water breaks and everything is just fucking freezing.

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