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Tuesday, 27 November 2012



1. Christmas shopping! There's something very nice about buying for other people, non?

2. Learning a language, in my case, French, with tapes by Michel Thomas. It's fantastic and he's such a good teacher! Feels like I'm opening a gateway to a whole new world of Parisian delights. 

3. Freedom! Experiment! Style! (The beautiful Paloma Faith is flying the flag for this one).

4. Rusty red lipstick, burnt, fiery, scorching.

5. More excitement over Christmas shopping, festive decoration and gastronomic treats.

NO /

1. The recent increase in public transport fares, smh.

2. Christmas shoppers. The downside to walking through town between October and December, with the mass mania and confusion resulting in seething internal monologues and very real homicidal mood swings.

3. Heels with a pointed toe, and especially if they have a kitten heel, trapped in time from decades ago and yet still with us. Who even buys these shoes?

4. Rain, rain, rain...

5. The prospect of spending all my time, from now until mid-January, on my dissertation and exam revision. Graduation come to momma!

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Christmas Austerity

Christmas Austerity

A week or so ago I made a ridiculously expensive collage of Christmassy designer gear that I can only dream of one day wearing (scroll yonder down the page to see it), I didn't do the maths properly but made a hazardous estimate of the total cost and it was literally over £10,000, FUCK. How the fuck does anyone have that money to spend on clothes is what I would like to know!

Anyway, to ease the pain a little I made a slightly more "affordable" Christmas look, which is this. Black, demure, splashes of acid lime, hints of sparkle. And all of the items are high street, thank god! I particularly love the velvet dress from Mango and the nude Jeffrey Campbell Lita Platforms, and the neon and black earrings from Topshop. I've been literally hankering after a pair of JC Litas for so long, but have never had the money going spare to get a pair - at £120 they're not exactly loose change, but Office quite regularly have them half price in the sale, and I'm sure the golden wonders of eBay might offer up some sexy Lita bargains.

The drapey chain necklace, too, is another favourite, also from Topshop. They have a really gorgeous selection of exciting party jewellery at the moment, there's this black choker collar which I might have to splash out on... it's sort of chained, threaded with black beads and completely covers the neck, almost like a brace? Haha. It's hot as fuck. Not on their website though but I have seen it instore!

So now I just need some Christmas parties to go to, some mulled wine, a few sprigs of mistletoe, and everything will be just hunky dory.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Following on from my last post (of Harry's art), some thoughts have been kindled and I'm just feeling... like... the word I'm searching for has run away, but to be stark, I'm sad and scared. Many of my best friends from home have gone to University to study creative subjects - be it Illustration, Photography, Fine Art, Graphics, Music, etc - and to see them developing their styles and just creating is so inspiring to me, yet it makes me wish I'd chosen to study a creative subject at University as well.

It was such a difficult decision for me to make, which degree to choose, being torn between English, Fine Art and Photography. I chose English Literature in the end. Presently, I only have a few months left of my degree, so it's a bit late to be rethinking things now. But I can't help feeling like I could have been mistaken in thinking I would enjoy studying Literature more.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Art ~ Harry N. King

Some gorgeous drawings by my good friend Harry, currently in his third year of studying Fine Art at Falmouth University. I love the heron so much. I love it all! You all should go and check out more of Harry's stuff, including prints and photography, on his online portfolio here.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

inc. - The Place

So much love for inc. right now! I have their '3' EP at home, but I particularly love this track 'The Place', which will be the first track on their debut album 'No Place'. The album will be out in February next year, but you can pre-order it here if you so wish. Anyway - this is a beautiful song and sounds extra good in the morning, and extra extra good on a sunny Sunday morning like today. And I adore the video for it, it's so soft and lovely:

I just want to be where they are, exploring the rocks and woods and swimming in rivers and singing with my top off. What gorgeous people and what gorgeous music.

inc. are playing in London on the 25th November at Birthdays - tickets are £8 adv. and available online here.

Friday, 16 November 2012


Going ups and going downs...

YES / 

1. It's Friday.

2. Mist. Making winter days that bit more atmospheric and coldly beautiful.

3. Chanel Le Vernis nail colour in 'Frenzy'. I saw this in Elle's Top 100 Beauty Buys in last month's magazine and I loved the description so much - something about mushroom putty and perfect nude - that I talked myself into buying it and, well, it is the most gorgeous nude mushroom putty I've ever worn.

4. Big black Dr. Martens. Androgynous, comfortable, high quality, stylish. Embrace your inner 'I don't give a fuck' and go for a good old stomp.

5. In the evening, curling up in your duvet with a cup of tea or coffee, lighting a few candles, sitting beside an open window and just drinking in the cold quiet night air.

NO / 

1. Dwindling bank balances. What do you mean I can't go Christmas shopping?

2. When you're seriously considering getting a credit card.

3. Preening gossip girls who sit on the bus and fire absolute filth looks at everyone. Show some humanity ladies.

4. Primark. It was never good really let's face it. But I think it's gone up in price a considerable amount over the last few years, and it's still shit, and it's not worth your money.

5. Crumbs in the bed! The ultimate downfall of using this precious space as your dining area...

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Death: A Self-Portrait

The exhibition Death: A Self-Portrait starts tomorrow, Thursday 15th November, at the Wellcome Collection in London (near The British Library on Euston Road) and promises to be "a unique collection devoted to the iconography of death and our complex and contradictory attitudes towards it".

Curated by Richard Harris, the exhibition will offer us a "spectacularly diverse" exploration of many various representations of death, "including art works, historical artifacts, scientific specimens and ephemera from across the world". With the prospect of seeing rare pieces from Goya and Rembrandt, as well as my general interest in the subject matter, I'm very much intrigued and will make sure to go! 

Death: A Self-Portrait will be free to visit and it runs until the 24th February 2013.

Christmas Luxe

Christmas Luxe

Oh my fucking god, someone get me £10,000 to spend on clothes please!

Monday, 12 November 2012

'Sheer' Mix

Just uploaded a new mix I did last night! I never know how to talk about my mixes or whether I need to genrefy them, but I've labelled this with 'dance', 'reggaeton', 'basement', 'nightmares', 'loves', 'hurt', 'fuck' and 'winter' as well as about a bajillion other descriptives... Anyway I really enjoyed making 'Sheer' and I hope you like it. It's available for you to download free so go on and click that magic button :3

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Mixes 4.11.12 - 11.11.12

I listen to a lot of music, and I really like listening to mixes. It's nice once in a while to relax into a sound selection and have your music chosen for you, you know? Unlike the terrible shuffle function, you can rely on a mix to explore a theme and run with a vibe. That's not to say that mixes contain samey tracks... I love it when track selection is surprising and refreshing, putting songs into contexts that you never would have thought of. It brings tracks into a whole new arena. But the journey of a good mix (sorry I'm sounding so pretentious) is just unbeatable. Highs and lows, texture, depth, etc. It's an artform. 

So this week I've been enjoying a mix by DJ Funeral called Hits from the gRAVE, it's not recent by any means but I've been slow on finding it. Featured on DIS Magazine about a year ago, it's a completely intense club mix from start to finish. Unfortunately I can't find a tracklist for it anywhere, and maybe it's not for everyone, but I really feel a mind and body high when listening to this.

Second is an old mix from NGUZUNGUZU (literally about three years old), the Moments In Mixtape, which I have adored for that time and go through phases of re-listening to. It pays homage to the timeless Moments In Love by Art of Noise, a fantastic song in itself, but I love all the directions it goes in within this mix. Such a beautiful melody too.

Lastly is an offering from Clubroot, who I hadn't heard of until a few days ago, but I'm pretty into the chilled atmosphere of this mix. They're all original tracks by the man himself I believe, and it's an hour long, which I like; you can sort of bliss out and almost forget that you're listening, which is nice. Floating bass etc. Feels like you're lying on your back and watching clouds.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Topshop Face & Nails

Face & Nails

I bought some new makeup and nail polish from Topshop today! Very bad idea really considering my bank balance, but whatever, at least I can feel pretty... So I love the girlyness of everything. It's very nice to wear pinks and reds, it makes such a change from my usual palette; despite the bright colour of the lipstick (in 'Mexican Wave' by Louise Grey) and blush (in 'Flush'), when you're wearing them they become, not subtle exactly, but just really wearable. The blush is probably my favourite, it goes a pretty dolly pink on my cheeks and it's really easy to blend. I've just busted out the nail polish too (in 'Tingle'), and it's gorgeous, like so fucking gorgeous. Maybe this is my favourite. It's just a really subtle colour, almost nude, leaning towards pastel pink, and magnificently sparkly! My nails look like they're covered in diamonds, all wet and pink dew-droppy. The highlighter (in 'Crescent Moon') is a lighter shade of a highlighter Topshop had in stock all summer (called 'Sunbeam', I believe), and seems to suit a pale skin tone a bit more than the other one. It's almost iridescent, lovely and matte, very easy to blend and stays on for aaages. So all in all, feeling good! I never wanted to try Topshop makeup when it first come out, I thought it was a bit of a gimmick, but I've happily eaten my own words as everything I've ever bought from the range has turned out to be fantastic. Yay.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Paintings In Detail

Paintings in Detail

Aren't these sublime? I found them on a blog today called Calanthe and the Nightingale and I love the effect of them all together. I find that, when an image has been cropped, the effect heightens the story I see in it. With the edges and areas missing from these paintings my imagination is going mad to make up the rest. So I'm away to do some proper writing now and get out some of the things in my head, I might even do some art if I can drag myself away from the computer...

Poem: Deux

He comes into me first and I like his decisions,
dominant lover. Perhaps I should be more daring,
but he knows what he’s doing.

Don’t focus on your legs, but your chest. You’ll see.
To stand tall and feel your heart thunder -
that is the key to love.

My favorite part of him is his tummy - it’s always so warm
and I can feel his heart beating against my hand
when I lay my hand across it. His flat contours,
his definition cut muscular, his snake of soft hair lining down.

His body is strong and slender and he stands tall,
whilst I am small in comparison. But I fit. I can nest
in his arms and be cushioned into sleep on the soft
warm mound over his booming heart.

He has a good heart. His engine. It powers him.
I like listening to his pulse, sounding every second,
his life rhythm like our love embodied. I like it when it races.

I like it when our breath forms one breath and
our two hearts are together, beating through our bellies,
when his shoulders ripple as he kneels, praying on my hips.


When I started this blog, I thought 'Yes / No' was going to be a weekly post, LOL. Right. Obviously I've been pure terrible at making this a regular feature but from now on, I'm going to try harder. It's hard to even compile a 10-point list of cool and crap things some weeks, that's how boring my life has been... I'm going to start asking my friends for contributions as evidentally my life is not always rich enough to warrent posting about. Anyway, for now, here are some freshly squeezed bits for November:


1. The Re-Election of President Obama! Let's all just let out a massive 'thank fuck for that'.

2. Bonfire night fireworks; suspend your reality and be swept away in the beauty of these big bangs and little dots.

3. Long nails, giving length and elegance to your fingers... Instead of the palava and expense of fake ones, grow your own - and if like me you tend to bite your nails well, just don't.

4. Whiskey based beverages on winter evenings. It's cold and dark outside by 4.30pm, so technically you can start drinking right there and then, woo!

5. Topshop's winter collection is really gorgeous this year, I want it all. Particularly: the black leather skinny trousers, fluffy jumpers, long-sleeved lace crop tops and waist high body con skirts.

NO / 

1. Badly made Starbucks and Costa. Having paid nearly £3 for a cappuccino, for example, you would expect it to have more than two mouthfuls of coffee, lukewarm and disappointing, sloshing around underneath four inches of milk foam. 

2. Everything ever to do with Mitt Romney in the whole world ever.

3. Nervous DIY. Trembling hands and heart palpitations when trying to use power tools, etc. Never ends well.

4. Last minute deadlines... Stressful, but there is definitely something about the pressure which inspires very dedicated work.

5. Jealousy.

iPhone Film

Sea from Ella Bell on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

I Am Woman!

A bonfirey, dark, sparkling, witchy look for the winter months. The shoes and jewellery are on my wish list, *cough cough, Christmas is coming, cough*, but I bought this dress from Topshop a few weeks ago, I literally couldn't resist; it's so beautifully gold and glittery in real life! It has this fantastic midnight blue lining which shows through the golden outer layer too, giving the dress a lovely but subtle deepness of colour and softening the potentially garish all-over sparkle. The thing which makes me a bit nervous is how tight it is; it is ridiculously clingy, but hey, why the fuck not. If you're going to dress head to toe in gold sparkles then you might as well go all out, right?

To seek freedom...

“To seek freedom is the only driving force I know. Freedom to fly off into that infinity out there. Freedom to dissolve; to lift off; to be like the flame of a candle, which, in spite of being up against the light of a billion stars, remains intact, because it never pretended to be more than what it is: a mere candle.”
– Don Juan.