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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Mixes 4.11.12 - 11.11.12

I listen to a lot of music, and I really like listening to mixes. It's nice once in a while to relax into a sound selection and have your music chosen for you, you know? Unlike the terrible shuffle function, you can rely on a mix to explore a theme and run with a vibe. That's not to say that mixes contain samey tracks... I love it when track selection is surprising and refreshing, putting songs into contexts that you never would have thought of. It brings tracks into a whole new arena. But the journey of a good mix (sorry I'm sounding so pretentious) is just unbeatable. Highs and lows, texture, depth, etc. It's an artform. 

So this week I've been enjoying a mix by DJ Funeral called Hits from the gRAVE, it's not recent by any means but I've been slow on finding it. Featured on DIS Magazine about a year ago, it's a completely intense club mix from start to finish. Unfortunately I can't find a tracklist for it anywhere, and maybe it's not for everyone, but I really feel a mind and body high when listening to this.

Second is an old mix from NGUZUNGUZU (literally about three years old), the Moments In Mixtape, which I have adored for that time and go through phases of re-listening to. It pays homage to the timeless Moments In Love by Art of Noise, a fantastic song in itself, but I love all the directions it goes in within this mix. Such a beautiful melody too.

Lastly is an offering from Clubroot, who I hadn't heard of until a few days ago, but I'm pretty into the chilled atmosphere of this mix. They're all original tracks by the man himself I believe, and it's an hour long, which I like; you can sort of bliss out and almost forget that you're listening, which is nice. Floating bass etc. Feels like you're lying on your back and watching clouds.

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