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Friday, 9 November 2012

Topshop Face & Nails

Face & Nails

I bought some new makeup and nail polish from Topshop today! Very bad idea really considering my bank balance, but whatever, at least I can feel pretty... So I love the girlyness of everything. It's very nice to wear pinks and reds, it makes such a change from my usual palette; despite the bright colour of the lipstick (in 'Mexican Wave' by Louise Grey) and blush (in 'Flush'), when you're wearing them they become, not subtle exactly, but just really wearable. The blush is probably my favourite, it goes a pretty dolly pink on my cheeks and it's really easy to blend. I've just busted out the nail polish too (in 'Tingle'), and it's gorgeous, like so fucking gorgeous. Maybe this is my favourite. It's just a really subtle colour, almost nude, leaning towards pastel pink, and magnificently sparkly! My nails look like they're covered in diamonds, all wet and pink dew-droppy. The highlighter (in 'Crescent Moon') is a lighter shade of a highlighter Topshop had in stock all summer (called 'Sunbeam', I believe), and seems to suit a pale skin tone a bit more than the other one. It's almost iridescent, lovely and matte, very easy to blend and stays on for aaages. So all in all, feeling good! I never wanted to try Topshop makeup when it first come out, I thought it was a bit of a gimmick, but I've happily eaten my own words as everything I've ever bought from the range has turned out to be fantastic. Yay.


  1. I need to try that nailpolish, definitely looks like it's my thing :)
    lovely blog

  2. Yeah do it! They have so many different shades it's almost impossible to choose haha, but this one is lovely.

    Aw and thanks love :3 you too!