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Wednesday, 7 November 2012


When I started this blog, I thought 'Yes / No' was going to be a weekly post, LOL. Right. Obviously I've been pure terrible at making this a regular feature but from now on, I'm going to try harder. It's hard to even compile a 10-point list of cool and crap things some weeks, that's how boring my life has been... I'm going to start asking my friends for contributions as evidentally my life is not always rich enough to warrent posting about. Anyway, for now, here are some freshly squeezed bits for November:


1. The Re-Election of President Obama! Let's all just let out a massive 'thank fuck for that'.

2. Bonfire night fireworks; suspend your reality and be swept away in the beauty of these big bangs and little dots.

3. Long nails, giving length and elegance to your fingers... Instead of the palava and expense of fake ones, grow your own - and if like me you tend to bite your nails well, just don't.

4. Whiskey based beverages on winter evenings. It's cold and dark outside by 4.30pm, so technically you can start drinking right there and then, woo!

5. Topshop's winter collection is really gorgeous this year, I want it all. Particularly: the black leather skinny trousers, fluffy jumpers, long-sleeved lace crop tops and waist high body con skirts.

NO / 

1. Badly made Starbucks and Costa. Having paid nearly £3 for a cappuccino, for example, you would expect it to have more than two mouthfuls of coffee, lukewarm and disappointing, sloshing around underneath four inches of milk foam. 

2. Everything ever to do with Mitt Romney in the whole world ever.

3. Nervous DIY. Trembling hands and heart palpitations when trying to use power tools, etc. Never ends well.

4. Last minute deadlines... Stressful, but there is definitely something about the pressure which inspires very dedicated work.

5. Jealousy.

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