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Tuesday, 27 November 2012



1. Christmas shopping! There's something very nice about buying for other people, non?

2. Learning a language, in my case, French, with tapes by Michel Thomas. It's fantastic and he's such a good teacher! Feels like I'm opening a gateway to a whole new world of Parisian delights. 

3. Freedom! Experiment! Style! (The beautiful Paloma Faith is flying the flag for this one).

4. Rusty red lipstick, burnt, fiery, scorching.

5. More excitement over Christmas shopping, festive decoration and gastronomic treats.

NO /

1. The recent increase in public transport fares, smh.

2. Christmas shoppers. The downside to walking through town between October and December, with the mass mania and confusion resulting in seething internal monologues and very real homicidal mood swings.

3. Heels with a pointed toe, and especially if they have a kitten heel, trapped in time from decades ago and yet still with us. Who even buys these shoes?

4. Rain, rain, rain...

5. The prospect of spending all my time, from now until mid-January, on my dissertation and exam revision. Graduation come to momma!