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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Official Unveiling Of My New...

... Duh duh duuuuuuuh -


I must be mad, but having been lusting after the gorgeous hair of Georgia and Tofauti for so long I just thought I'd bite the bullet and give it a go. 

They're not real, before you ask. I made dreadlocks with some synthetic hair extensions (as my wallet can't stretch to real hair extensions, and also I don't really like the idea of having someone else's hair on your head, it makes my skin crawl, and what if it comes alive with their angry spirit and strangles you in the night or something?) and then I braided them into my hair. So, I'm not sure how long they'll last, but as long as I don't yank them too hard or anything they should stay in for as long as I want them to! 

I'm not really used to them yet, I feel a bit like a twat if I'm honest. I fluctuate between really liking them and then feeling really self-conscious about them and that they look ridiculous. What do you think? Honestly? 

I think I'll leave them in for at least a few days and see how I feel at a later stage! I just desperately needed a change you know :( I've been contemplating bleach as well, going a really ashy blonde. But that scares me, I've never dyed my hair in my life haha. Maybe that's why I'm so curious about it! Do any naturally dark brown haired people have experience of bleach? Pros/cons etc?

Anyway I better go and do some dissertation, I've been procrastinating all morning. Much love xo

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Merry Belated Christmas!

Wishing all of you who happen to stumble upon this blog a very very happy late Xmas. I hope you all had a lovely time, wherever you were and whoever you were with. 

I was away from my family home for the first time ever this year, which was a little strange, but it was gorgeous to have the opportunity to do Christmas a different way. My boyfriend and I spent most of the holiday lounging around at home, smoking weed, drinking cider and giving each other jewellery. We went on a few crazy walks - along Brighton beach on Christmas Day (which was so wild and windy and the saltspray was hailing down and my hat blew off), and on Boxing Day yesterday we got caught in the rain walking back from town. Never been so rain soaked in my life, absolutely drenched. Experiencing the Boxing Day sales was another first this year - never again! And I have also eaten SO much chocolate over the last few days, which seems to be the obligatory fate of the season; I didn't think it was humanly possible to achieve a food baby from chocolate alone, but I did it.

Anyway - here are some pictures from my little holiday. I will be back blogging here more frequently in the New Year once my dissertation and all my revision and exams are over!

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Existentialist Meandering

There’s something to be said about the future. It is pretty much impossible to know what it’ll have in store for anyone, yet we constantly make plans for it, mapping out footholds for us to hold on to. “I’ll meet so-and-so then, I’m going there on that day, I need to get ready for this thing coming up at that time”But our knowledge of the future can only be imagined and our plans and footholds are literally just figments of our imagination, until they happen. If they happen. We buy tickets for things and literally invest in the future, and we’re guided by our future to some extent, informed of how to live right now in the present by what we’ve got coming up.

Plans are necessary and fundamental to human life, even if we can’t know for certain if they’ll happen the way we imagine them to happen. I don’t think we would even be human if we couldn’t plan, we’d be creatures of survival only, permanently in a state of present being. Perhaps awareness of time – past, present, future – is really the basis of what separates our way of life from a hippopotamus, say. We collect our history, we build on where we have come; we (try to) live in the present; we plan for and apprehend the future. In fact I think our “present” is only understood when we place ourselves in a framework of past and future times. Being isolated to the actual now, to this very very moment, would be an impossible way to live for any prolonged length of time. I’m not saying let’s all abandon the now and hold onto our past and live for the future, that would be an equally destructive way of living I think, but just that, our present self is utterly a part of our past self and also our imagined future self.

Where do you see yourself in your mind’s eye, one or two or ten years down the road?