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Friday, 15 February 2013


- Get back to Amsterdam at some point this year. As soon as I can afford it. To enjoy the peace I feel in this beautiful city, see its art, wander without direction, and nose around The University of Amsterdam's post-graduate departments.

- Go to Sonar, because it's my favourite festival and it's in Barcelona and I miss it and I love it.

- Do more drawings. At least one each week.

- Stay focussed and positive on the final few months of my degree.

- Volunteer to work in an art gallery in Brighton.

- Keep writing. Keep thinking. Keep writing. Keep looking. Keep writing.

- Try and get on the volunteer team at Dimensions in September.

- Find a job LOL.


  1. I always write lists to keep myself creating artwork - I think I have to bully myself into being creative sometimes! Mundane normality can easily suck you in.

    So this:

    "Keep writing. Keep thinking. Keep writing. Keep looking. Keep writing"

    resonates a lot with me!

    1. Me too! It's like there's a little battle between myself and myself when it comes to doing the creative things I want to do. Have to keep reminding myself to keep it up :P
      It's so easy to just put the TV on haha! Which is stupid as you feel so much better when you're productive and creative, but I guess it's just finding the right balance that works for you. I think it's most important to keep yourself aware and open eyed, and from that creativity usually follows :)