22 | female | uk


Femme, 22 years old, studying for a degree in English Literature. I currently live by the sea in Brighton and I'm a bit of a hermit!

This blog is something of a personal exercise in writing and collecting together the things that I love, the things that interest me.
I mainly post about music, art and style, alongside my life, thoughts and inspirations. I'm quite dark I think, and I get really close into things, which is probably reflected in what I post.

Some of my most favourite things: winter sunlight, roses, crunchy apples, spice, drawing, coffee, the bright moon, clear skies, sex, him, smoking (oops), writing, Amsterdam, candlelit baths, frost flowers, city parks, tattoos, vodka, reading, loud warm music, incense, hot water bottles, beauty, mist, early morning air, owls, rivers, woods, vanilla, wolves, books, glass, soft skin, painting, squishy hugs, autumn, chocolate, silver, learning, planning, growing, changing, looking, listening...

Anyway. Hello!